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Gears.IFilterHel per
Text extraction is a task that many developers face every day. As superficially simple as it may sound, this task becomes a real problem when the program should efficiently work with a large number of document types and formats. Writing ...
April 4th 2013 Shareware    365k
Spices.Net Decompiler
.NET Decompiler - .Net assembly decompiler that recovers source code from crashes and convert executables to C#, Vb.Net, J#, Delphi.Net and managed C++ code.Requirements: .Net Framework 1.0 or later
March 21st 2013 Shareware    6,257k
Magnetic controls
Magnetic Controls is a collection of 100% native .NET framework managed controls written in C#. Collection allow developers to create high quality professional applications with cool design.Package contains Panel and GroupBox components with collapse-expand ability and custom framing. A full ...
November 22nd 2011 Shareware    1k
Professional approach to protecting, research, document and reverse engineering .Net assemblies! Spices.Net - powerful tool for .Net developers that offers obfuscation, decompilation, analytical and documentation management features. Spices.Net is plugin environment that constantly renewing new possibilities.
August 3rd 2011 Shareware    6,234k
Spices.Obfuscato r
Uncompromisable protection of your intellectual properties from prying eyes, competitors and reverse engineering. Spices.Obfuscator is a .Net code protection tool that offers the wide range of technologies to completely protect your .Net code and intellectual properties. The obfuscator rebuilds your ...
June 2nd 2011 Shareware    6,260k
CryptoSharp Security Library
Speed up .NET development and create secure and trouble-free code. CryptoSharp Security Library provides complete data security throughout your .NET applications. Encrypt, store, and erase data securely. Saves time on development and debugging, and creates fast, secure and reliable code. ...
August 15th 2007 Demo    1,115k
Great things indeed come in small packages. FlyGrid.Net is a fast, lightweight and highly customizable .Net DataGrid/Tree control which completely manages the data, offering outstanding performance and flexibility to display and manage tabular, nested and hierarchical data.
June 30th 2005 Shareware    3,912k
9Rays.Net TreeView for ASP.NET
9Rays TreeView for ASP.NET (FlyTreeView) features visual designers, native .net data binding (DataSet, DataReader, arrays, etc.), drag-and-drop, full viewstate support, highly customizable styles and behaviors, load-on-demand, checkboxes, multiple postback events (select, deselect, expand, collapse, check, uncheck), server event handlers for ...
April 14th 2005 Shareware    724k
FlyTreeXPro ActiveX - Fast, powerful and flexible multicolumnar Tree/Grid/List/Outline. Get more than 30 controls in one! More than 40 types of inplace editors, data-bounding, a lot of properties and events for every need!
December 2nd 2004 Shareware    1,286k
FlyTreeX ActiveX - Fast, powerful and flexible multicolumnar Tree/Grid/List/Outline. Get more than 30 controls in one! Many inplace editor types, data-bounding, a lot of properties and events for full control, one of the fastest Tree on the market!
November 25th 2004 Shareware    1,179k
Instrumentation Widgets for Mobile Devices
Instrumentation Widgets for Mobile Devices is a library of meters, scales, sliders, gauges, knobs, dials, thermometers, switches which emulate hardware devices. All components are 100% .NET Framework managed! In addition, all controls use double buffering to produce smooth animation and ...
April 15th 2004 Shareware    694k

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