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Robin’s Quest: A Legend Born
When an evil ruler greedily taxes his people to near starvation, theres always one who rises against all odds to fight for whats right & but Fighting for the good of the people often results in fighting for ones ...
September 21st 2013 Freeware    268,288k
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
A unique combination of classic RPG elements and fun puzzle mechanics. Create your own character and venture off in the world, listening to rumors, taking on quests, fighting monsters, and unraveling the mysteries to be found in the world ...
June 19th 2013 Freeware    90,829k
Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games
It's game time! Twenty-one classic and new challenging favorites provide something for every player with HOYLE Puzzle Games 2008. This great collection features traditional puzzle game standards like Hangman, Mahjongg and Anagrams PLUS mind-bending puzzle classics like Sudoku and over ...
March 27th 2013 Shareware    617,472k
Mystery In London
Your vacation to London turns into an investigation into one of its most notorious mysteries ever! Explore the city through 360-degree photographs of locations such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, even the tailor shop where James Bond buys his shirts! ...
March 14th 2013 Shareware    109,568k
Pet Shop Hop
Running a pet store isn't all cuddly kittens and adoring doggies. It takes keen business sense, shop upgrades, animal selection, and a lot of stamina to grow your modest pet shop into an exclusive boutique. Take over your family's ...
March 13th 2013 Shareware    22,426k
Clue Classic
Solve the mystery that's kept everyone guessing for more than 50 years. Col. Mustard, Prof. Plum, Miss Scarlet and the rest of the usual suspects have gathered together in stately Tudor Mansion to determine who killed Mr. Boddy, where the ...
February 17th 2013 Shareware    27,750k
Spandex Force
In Spandex Force you can create your own hero and clean up the crime-infested town of Vigilance Valley by matching tiles. Spandex Force is an exciting Match 3 puzzle RPG with a heroic tongue-in-cheek twist! Save citizens in distress and ...
February 12th 2013 Shareware    23,757k
Venice Mystery
Travel through the beautiful city of Venice, one of Italy's most intriguing cities, and solve an ancient mystery before Venice sinks into the water. Magic puzzle levels will guide you to thirteen forgotten paintings that hide a lost secret. Will ...
February 10th 2013 Shareware    24,883k
Styrateg is a new and challenging turn-based strategy with strong RPG features from a fantasy medieval world.The heavy clouds on the horizon gather as there are troubled times to come. The kingdom of a wise king is in danger. Legions ...
January 20th 2013 Shareware    4,710k
Scrabble Journey
Use your word-building skills to travel the globe in this combination of high-adventure and SCRABBLE fun! The Society of Puzzle Adventurers has a challenge for you: place letter tiles on richly illustrated maps to create a path around the world ...
December 11th 2012 Shareware    40,550k
Interpol: The Trail of Dr Chaos
mysterious and dangerous criminal believed to have been in hiding for over a decade, has suddenly re-surfaced. The target of your mission is Dr. Vladimir Chaosky, aka Dr. Chaos. Agencies have been trying to track him down since the Cold ...
October 26th 2012 Shareware    71,987k
The Amazing Brain Train for Mac
All aboard! Power up your intellect and embark on an epic quest aboard The Amazing Brain Train! Fueled by your mental energy, Professor Fizzwizzle's Brain Train will take you on a brain-boosting adventure! Put your mighty mind to the test ...
November 27th 2011 Demo    28,867k
Cooking Academy for Mac
Grab your oven mitts and don your Chef's Hat! Cooking Academy is the game that places you in the kitchens of a prestigious culinary school! From Pancakes to Creme Brulee, prepare over 50 different recipes! Learn interesting trivia about food ...
November 27th 2011 Demo    57,600k
Akkadia for Mac
Travel to glittering distant Akkadia, the land of opulent temples, exotic incense and spices, and affluent cities, in this beautiful take on classic word building games. Have boundless fun assembling words as large as your vocabulary will allow, and see ...
November 27th 2011 Demo    27,863k
Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design for Mac
Travel the globe in search of flavorful and exotic ingredients to customize your own chocolate creations. You'll use post-World War II economic and technological advances to customize your very own chocolate creations, assist the Baumiesters, and strive to become CEO ...
November 26th 2011 Demo    25,487k
Little Shop - Memories for Mac
Say good bye to your little shop, and get ready for an exciting future, in Little Shop - Memories for Mac. When the opportunity to open a Little Shop in paradise comes knocking on your door, you just can't resist! ...
November 24th 2011 Demo    76,800k
Puppy Luv: A New Breed for Mac
Puppy Luv "A New Breed" is your new travel and home companion. This puppy will provide unconditional love for you and the entire family and you will have hours of fun playing with your new best friend. From caring to ...
November 24th 2011 Demo    36,669k
Top Chef for Mac
Whether you're a gourmet know-it-all or a culinary novice, you're invited into the Top Chef kitchen - and the competition is just heating up! Take on the role of a contestant, compete against a line-up of talented chefs, and have ...
November 19th 2011 Demo    36,495k
Cake Mania 2 for Mac
After re-opening the Evans Bakery, and sending her grandparents on an exotic Hawaiian cruise, Jill Evans™ is back in an all-new, out-of-this-world series of adventures! Help Jill's college friend Risha in her posh, northwestern, rooftop bakery; rescue her old flame, ...
November 17th 2011 Demo    49,070k
Build It! Miami Beach Resort for Mac
Build your own beach resort! Starting in the 1920s, every year is a new level: Wonderful art-deco hotels, the invention of the cinema, the first fast-food diner and - decades later - giant hotels right on the beach. Design everything ...
November 17th 2011 Demo    89,395k

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