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RAR Backup
RAR Backup is a backup software using Office 2007 interface. Based on RAR file format, RAR Backup allows to upload archive file to FTP-HTTP server, burning files on CD/DVD. The Backup Timeline allows the user to schedule any backup. The ...
September 23rd 2011 Shareware    7,023k
Backup2007 Synchronizer
Backup2007 Synchronizer lets you synchronize the content of computers, disks or folders. It can copy, encrypt (AES 256 key) or compress files in gzip format (compatible Wizip). Synchronization can be done from Source Target or bidirectional. It can also Clone ...
June 23rd 2011 Shareware    11,657k
Just After Shot
Just After Shot lets you to transfer quickly and easily digital pictures from your camera or acquring digitalized photos or documents. you can rename, fix (rotate, adjust color, crop...), inject Exif data. With few clicks you can resample, zip and ...
June 5th 2011 Shareware    6,144k
Backup-2006 Studio
Because one method is not enough Backup-2006 Studio includes classic backup module, synchronization and disk image. It can backup any folder to any destination (network drive, USB external disk..) It comes with its own DVD burner diver. You can schedule ...
May 24th 2011 Shareware    15,360k
Backup&Synchroni ze Pro
Backup&Synchronize Pro, a Windows application that makes it easy to create backups of your critical computer files. In addition to keeping your documents safe from disk crashes, fire, and theft, Backup&Synchronize easily performs routine file synchronization between one or more ...
January 18th 2009 Shareware  5 stars 6,709k
Backup2009 Pro
Synchronize and backup any kind of digital data among multiple PCs. It comes with its own burner driver, supports any kind of medium (network drive, USB external disk, FTP server...). Multiple tools help the user to take control over backup ...
October 18th 2008 Shareware  5 stars 6,405k
MyFavorites is a small utility for Windows XP and Vista. Its purpose : make you spare time in the daily manipulation of your PC.
How long pass you to go through the Windows Explorer to look for systematically the same ...
July 2nd 2008 Freeware    3,033k
Backup2005 Synchronizer (BKS) lets you synchronize the content of computers, disks or folders.BKS can copy, encrypt (AES 256 key) or compress files in gzip format (compatible Gzip).Synchronization can be done from Source > Target or from Source > Target > ...
December 23rd 2004 Shareware    4,483k
@Home Backup
A backup tool for home computing in a familiar wizard mode. @Home Backup comes with its own burner driver to back up data to any kind of CD or DVD.@Home Backup is zip file compatible and allows to generate archive ...
October 6th 2004 Shareware    4,455k
Backup2004 Pro
A powerful backup utility with a lot of options and quite user-friendly. Backup2004 Pro supports unlimited zip file size (Deflate64). Backup2004 Pro can backup any folder to any destination (network lan, any removable media including CD and DVD) .It comes ...
April 20th 2004 Shareware    9,519k

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