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Text Search and Replace Tool
Text Search and Replace Tool is an efficient find and replace tool developed to perform find and replace and formatting tasks in MS word files. The software allows the user to find and replace multiple words and phrases in multiple ...
March 19th 2016 Shareware    3,121k
File Copy Utility
File Copy Utility is innovative Data transfer software developed to facilitate fast and effortless data export from one computer to other and save precious time of the users. This tool not only facilitates data transfer between computers within a network ...
March 16th 2016 Shareware    1,072k
Bulk SMS Caster Standard
Bulk SMS Caster Standard is efficient bulk SMS software developed to help the user in sending Bulk SMS through PC or Laptop to thousands of mobile phones at one go. The software can send SMSs to a list of numbers ...
March 15th 2016 Shareware    2,479k
Excel Text Cleaner
We would like to introduce a unique Data Cleaning utility, Excel Text Cleaner, specifically developed to Clean Data in Excel files. This unique Excel addin is adept at performing Data cleaning tasks like Removing Alphabetic and numeric Characters, Removing user ...
March 10th 2016 Shareware    1,029k
Yahoo Email ID Extractor
Yahoo Email ID Extractor is an expert in getting email ids from Yahoo mail account. It has all the latest & essential option equipped in it that make harvesting of Email ids easy. Users can extract email ids from folders ...
March 8th 2016 Shareware    1,771k
Batch Word Files Page Setup
Batch Word Files Page Setup is a tool created to reduce the workload of setting up margins in numerous word files. This software has the efficiency to handle multiple word files in one go. It can setup margins & layouts ...
March 8th 2016 Shareware    2,228k
Batch Word Files Merger
Batch word Files Merger tool can merge word files to make them a single word file. This software has the capacity to merge thousands of word files in one go and make them a single word document. The tool can ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    2,383k
Word Automation Tool
Word Automation Tool– A reliable and efficient professional Batch utility for Word files
Word Automation Tool is a great tool makes our work easy and fast by reducing manual effort. It can process more than 1000 files simultaneously in a ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    1,463k
Word File Converter Batch
Word File Converter Batch is a Doc To All converter as it can converts multiple doc or docx files into many file formats available in MS Word. Whenever user choose a file with any word document (Word 2003, 2007 etc), ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    1,545k
Website Meta Tag Extractor
Website Meta Tag Extractor tool ca harvest meta tags such as Title, description, Keywords, etc. from web pages in bulk. The tool explores the web pages with the assistance of given URLs. Users have the facility to dump as many ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    1,591k
Hotmail Email ID Extractor
Hotmail Email ID Extractor tool has been purposely developed to harvest email ids from Hotmail account. It has latest components inserted that make fetching email ids easier. You can even extract email ids from Inbox, sent, trash, spam, etc. with ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    1,803k
PowerPoint File Converter Batch
PowerPoint File Converter is also known as ppt To All converter, as it converts multiple ppt or pptx files into any of the following file format using batch processing:
• PowerPoint Presentation (pptx)
• PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation (pptm)
• PowerPoint ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    1,462k
Web Data Miner
Web data mining is a process to extract the useful data from the web pages in tabular form. Web Data Miner is a great data scrapper tool which automates the data mining work. The concept behind the tool is very ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    3,871k
Marathi Invoice Software
Marathi Invoice Software designed for one & only desire of invoice generation. This inventive product has all the critical components rigged that are mandatory while generating receipts in your local language. It is very easy to operate & makes invoice ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    3,770k
Files Email Extractor
Files Email Extractor is an innovative software tool adept at extracting email IDs from doc, pdf, docx, dot, xls, xlsx, html, etc. in bulk. The software boasts of advanced features which enables the user to not only extract email addresses ...
March 6th 2016 Shareware    9,279k
Gmail New Mail Alert
Gmail New Mail Alert tool informs user about mails arriving in the Gmail account. It is an ingenious effort towards updating you on your Gmail account. The software performs like a notifier & pops up whenever your account receives a ...
March 6th 2016 Shareware    2,018k
Hindi Invoice Software
The tool Hindi Invoice Software is devised to make invoice generation easy & painless. This ingenious tool contains all the crucial characteristics that are important while generating bills. It is very easy to operate & generates quick results that are ...
March 6th 2016 Shareware    3,507k
Gujarati Invoice Software
Gujarati Invoice Software is designed purposely for invoice generation easy & painless. This innovative tool has all the important features rigged that are required while generating bills. It is very simple to handle & develops invoice quickly that are easily ...
March 6th 2016 Shareware    3,765k
Batch Excel Workbook Splitter
Batch Excel Workbook Splitter is a tool that ends the load of splitting Excel files in bulk. This software has the capacity to split .xls files within minutes. The Excel splitting tool has the recent features fixed in it that ...
March 6th 2016 Shareware    2,904k
Excel Utility Software
Excel Utility Software is indigenous tool created and developed to remove tedious data from MS excel files. This software is capable of treating multiple excel files in one go. It can clean excel files of all formats like .xls, .xlsx, ...
March 6th 2016 Shareware    2,940k

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