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Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera 2.1 Rev.1

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Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera 2.1 Rev.1 description

Capture and print photos, anytime, anywhere. Choose from Polaroid's range of durable instant films, including large format Image film and Silver 600 film.

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Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera 2 2.1 Rev.1 (Popularity: ) : Features:
5.3 megapixel resolution
12x zoom (3x optical zoom; 4x digital zoom)
2.5" LCD display
32MB internal memory, SD Memory-card compatible
PictBridge Technology

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.
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Polaroid PDC 2300Z Twain Driver 2.1e (Popularity: ) : Features:
1792 x 1200 and 896 x 600 resolution
Aperture: f/3.02, 13.45
Automatic focus
Normal focal range: 18 in. - infinity
Macro focal range: 1.5 - 18 in.
Flash range: 1.6 - 10 ft
8 MB CompactFlash card

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent ...

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