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Capture WebCam

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license: Shareware
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Capture WebCam description

Capture WebCam is a simple video capture software application which can be used to capture video from any capture device such as a TV tuner card or webcam. Capture streaming video and save it to your hard drive as an AVI file.

Video Capture - Video Capture Software - Capture Webcam - Streaming Video Capture - Capture Streaming Video - How To Capture Streaming Video - Capture Online Video
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Sound Capture To WMA (Popularity: ) : It can capture any audio from sound card with WMA format. It captures sound from Windows application such as players, Windows Messenger, Skype, Yahoo messenger, QQ, IM tools, streaming audio on the Internet, microphones, line-In, CD Player, Phone Line, Aux, ...
E.M. Free Game Capture (Popularity: ) : E.M. Free Game Capture is designed to record the games and the variations of the desktop to various video files in different FPS (frames per second). The video formats contain avi, wmv, flv, mp4, mkv, and even certain popular ones ...
CoCSoft Stream Down (Popularity: ) : CoCSoft Stream Down is a streaming video media download tool. It supports not only HTTP, FTP download, but also streaming video media download, such as RTSP, MMS, MMSU, MMST. You can download and save multimedia streaming and RTSP (Real Time ...
webcam snaps (Popularity: ) : webcam snaps is a Web cam utility to take snapshots using Web cam. This program is completely written in C.

Using vfl and GTK. I hope this utility will be useful for those who wish to handle Web cam under GNU/Linux.

I've ...

CamStream (Popularity: ) : devices, enhancing your Linux system with multimedia video. All written in C++ and with a nice GUI frontend. The interface is based on Qt, an excellent GUI framework.

The aim of this project is build a set of programs for:

? Webcamming, ...

Camorama (Popularity: ) : Camorama is a webcam application featuring various image filters.

Camorama allows you to view video from your webcam and apply various image filters to it. Camorama project can also upload images via ftp.

Camorama is a program i wrote to learn gtk ...

tvpvrd (Popularity: ) : tvpvrd is a Unix server/daemon to make scheduled recordings of TV broadcasts using one or multiple Video capture cards with optional automatic transcoding (using ffmpeg).. . SourceForge presents the tvpvrd project. tvpvrd is an open source application. SourceForge provides the ...
PVR150 Capture Utility (Popularity: ) : PVR150 Capture Utility is a video capture tool for MythTV.

Developer comments

I haven't been at this very long so I really don't know what I'm doing. I just know it works on my computer. Your milage may vary wildly. I was ...

Silver (Popularity: ) : Silver is a webcam monitoring application.

Silver is a small GTK application which will download a remote image from a website and display it in a window - refreshing every few seconds.

It can be setup to view webcams which upload their ...

Sonix (Popularity: ) : Sonix is a SN9C102-based webcam driverfor webcams such as the Trust Spacec@am 120, X-Eye , sweex , Chicony Twinklecam DC-2110A and many others.

This is the beginning of a 2.6.x driver for sonix's sn9c10x based webcam. Currently, it only support sn9c101 ...

Guitar Mode Maker 3 (Popularity: ) : Guitar Mode Maker 3.0. Easy to use graphical interface allows guitar players to learn to create and modify guitar scales, modes and chords. Initial installation comes with over 750 chords and scales to use. GMM 3.0 allows the user to ...
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Webcam: Motion blur (Popularity: ) : Overlaying webcam images with transparency.
Simple PHP WebCam 0.2b (Popularity: ) : This application is a a basic WebCam software, that works with all Video4Linux compatible video devices. It supports streamer from the Xawtv package and Videodog. It has features that makes it usuable as a simple security camera.
Ultimate WEBcam PRO 2001 (Popularity: ) : Ultimate WEBcam PRO 2001 is a PHP/MySQL based WEBcam publishing system, with many features like put webcam images into a image archive with a single click on the page, guestbook where the visitors can comment the webcam, voting system.... UWCP ...
A php webcam (Popularity: ) : A php webcam script overlays text on the image, such as xmms song, last email, and what ever you can think of. It includes other php images tools!.
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Multiple Monitors Screen Capture (Popularity: ) : Captures the screen on every monitor you have.This function captures a screenshot of every monitor available in the system, and returns them into a cell array.Usage:%return a cell array with one image for each monitor:screens = captureScreen;%Capture each monitor image ...
Webcam Comment (Popularity: ) : Lets visitors easily grab webcam images of themselves directly on the site, and add that image to a comment. It will then show up as a thumbnail next to the comment and will show a bigger image when clicked.Features: * ...
Webcam trigger (Popularity: ) : Webcam trigger is a trigger:) It gives you a page showing your webcam. If the cam recognizes a pattern (which is currently the Druplicon logo) it fires the trigger. You can assign any actions to it. It ships with a ...
Contacts and Leads Capture (Popularity: ) : It is a Joomla 1.5.x plugin, it allows you to capture data into Leads or Contacts in SugarCRM when a contact information are submitted through Joomla! contact form. Now you can capture the Joomla contact message into a predefined (description ...

Capture WebCam
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supported os's
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows Me
    Windows NT
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003
downloads 3221
price $7.00
version 2.04
size in Kb 477
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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