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Herbert Valerio Riedel
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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GNU VCDImager/VCDRip description
GNU VCDImager is a program for making Video CD (and Super Video CD, a.k.a. SVCD) images out of MPEG movie files.

The images it creates are ready to use with programs which understand BIN/CUE images, such as cdrdao. GNU VCDRip allows for reversing the process, ripping mpeg tracks from (Super) Video CDs.

Here are some key features of "GNU VCDImager/VCDRip":

? Free software available under the GNU Public License
? Support for Video CD 1.1 and 2.0 disc formats
? Support for the Super Video CD 1.0 disc format
? Full PBC (playback control) support (play lists, selection lists and end lists)
? Support for segment play items
? Automatic padding of MPEG streams on the fly. Herbert Valerio Riedel - Publisher Page of GNU VCDImager/VCDRip 0.7.23 - Publisher of GNU VCDImagerVCDRip 0.7.23, Author of GNU VCDImagerVCDRip 0.7.23 0.7.23. GNU VCDImager is a program for making Video CD (and Super Video CD, a.k.a. SVCD) images out of MPEG movie files. The images it creates are ready to use with programs which understand BINCUE
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