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Kink FM on AIR

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Kink FM on AIR description
Rock and alternative music lovers now have an even easier way to listen to their favourite music on the Internet. Dutch radio station Kink FM and new media company frismedia introduce Kink FM on AIR, an unique visual radio player that shows which song is being played and from which album, including the cover.

With the use of Adobe AIR the application works independently from your web browser. Furthermore the player lists the previous and next song, shows the Kink FM headlines, gives more information about the playing artist(s) with one click, gives the option to buy the album in the iTunes Store and lends itself perfectly as media centre in fullscreen mode.

About Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR runtime allows Adobe AIR applications to be deployed on computers and devices running the Linux operating system. In addition, Adobe Flex Builder for Linux can be used to build rich internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems using proven web technologies.. Kink FM on AIR | De nieuwe kijk op radio!.
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