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important software information
company name:
Thomas Eschenbacher
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · KDE
functional limitations:
Kwave description

Kwave is a sound editor designed for the KDE Desktop Environment.

It is still under continuous development but each official release should be considered to be stable. This is also the reason why releases come out only every few months: one of the goals of the project is to have a reliable and stable sound editor. Stability has a higher prority than the number of features. (The reason why I started to join this project was that I wanted to have a sound editor that does not crash every few minutes...)

After the big port to KDE2 it has temporarily fallen back to alpha state and some of the features of the old 0.5 version only will come back one by one. However, the program already seems to be useful for many people for most all-day work. Many missing functions and features will be ported in future versions...

Please keep in mind that the step from 0.5 to 0.6 was nearly a complete rewrite of the whole program and it\'s internal architecture! The main focus was on robustness and a clean design, not on the pure amount of features.

Here are some key features of \"Kwave\":

· KDE3 conform GUI
· 24 Bit Support
· Undo/Redo
· Simple Drag & Drop
· Realtime Pre-Listen for some effects
· Support for multi-track files
· Complete zoom and scroll-capability
· Playback via KDE\'s aRts or OSS (deprecated)
· Recording via OSS
· Load and edit-capability for large files (can use virtual memory)
· Reading and auto-repair of damaged wav-files
· Supports multiple windows
· Extendable Plugin interface
· a nice splashscreen

· Plugins

· Amplify free
· Fadein and out
· Lowpass Filter
· Notch Filter
· Pitch Shift
· Playback
· Recording
· Silence
· Noise
· Sonagram
· Select Range
· Volume
· Import/Export of all file types supported by libaudiofile. Kwave - A sound editor for KDE. Kwave - A sound editor for KDE

Wav - Ogg - Mp3 - Editor - Audio - Sound - Linux - Wave - Vorbis - Fft - Kde - Kde4 - Alsa - Sonagram
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version 0.8.3-2
size in Kb 2,109
user rating 6/10
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