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company name:
Andrej Bagon
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
media-box description
media-box is a program to watch all kind of multimedia files using a computer.

It suports playing DVD video, VideoCD, various movie files, Audio CD, various music files and watching various still pictures.

Main goal of this project is to have a dedicated computer in your living room by replacing your Hi-Fi component (DVD-player, CD-player). media-box runs in a linux environment so the need for computer power is very low.

Prefered system is a computer with at least 466MHz Celeron with 128MB of ram. Disk space is minimal, it works on 1GB partition but it can sure fit on a partition of 150MB or even less.

As it considers the sound output it is considered to have a sound card with digital out capabilities, so you can easily connect your computer with a dedicated external Dolby Digital receiver, but this is optional.

Graphics card should have a TV-Out feature, so you can watch your media content on TV. For getting the remote control over the whole program, you should make a hardware receiver or you can even buy one. Just make sure it is lirc compatible.

Software used to make this hardware work:

? debian - linux distribution
? xine-lib - library to play media content. - Use the Source, Luke. A comprehensive repository of source code.
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