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important software information
company name:
Angel Ortega
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
ZoltanPlayer description

ZoltanPlayer is a music playing daemon. It accepts remote commands via its own mini HTTP server and can use seamlessly Audio or Data CDs. Audio CDs are played internally (optionally querying CDDB info servers) and digital songs in audio CDs are played via external players. It's not limited to CDs, as a hard disk directory can also be used.

The optimal equipment for ZoltanPlayer is a CDROM-equipped computer directly connected to an amplifier or stereo. It's not a streaming server, nor a ripper, nor a simple HTTP+HTML interface jukebox (this could be done with a CGI). ZoltanPlayer integrates the controlling of CD insertion / eject with the capability of directly playing CD Audio and spawning external player for MP3 / Ogg Vorbis / whatever song files.

Current version is 1.0.0. This software only runs on Linux and it's licensed under the GPL.

Here is a list of commands for ZoltanPlayer:

mount: Mounts the CD in the drive (closing it if necessary). If it's a CD Audio, it will take info about it and search the local CDDB cache; if no info for this CD is found, it will query a remote CDDB server. If it's a CD-ROM, it will traverse it recursively looking for playable files and the subdirectories containing songs will be treated as groups. Anyway, the list of songs will be stored in its internal database ready for playing.
umount: Unmounts the CD, and ejects it.
xmount: A combination of the previous two. If CD is mounted, umount it, and vice-versa.
hd: Reads a directory from the hard disk (this directory must be defined in the config file to be used). It will be treated the same as a CD-ROM. This command can also be used to re-read the hard disk directory contents if it has been updated since ZoltanPlayer read it.
play: Starts playing the first song.
stop: Stops playing.
pause: Pauses / unpauses the currently playing song.
next-song: Moves to the next song and plays it.
prev-song: Move to the previous song and plays it.
goto-N: Moves to song number N and plays it.
next-group: Moves to the first song of the next group and plays it If no group is defined (as in Audio CDs), it restarts playing from the first song.
prev-group: Moves to the first song of the previous group and plays it.If no group is defined (as in Audio CDs), it restarts playing from the first song.
song-info: Returns information about the song being played in one line. This command can be used from a shell script to display the info on an LCD, a ticker or something like that.
vol-up: Pumps up the volume by 5%. Only operative if the sound card mixer is being used (see sample config file).
vol-down: Lowers the volume by 5%. Only operative if the sound card mixer is being used.
cd-info: Shows the current list of songs, and information about the current group and song being played, if any.
skip-N: disable the song number N (do not play it).
rest-N: enable the previously disabled song number N.
toggle: toggle the skip selection.
toggle-playlist: toggle the skip selection for those songs inside playlists.
shuffle: shuffle the playing order of songs.. . Angel Ortega is a programmer, writer, composer and illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. Author of the award-winning Minimum Profit text editor for programmers, main musician of the Ann Hell band and many other things.

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