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license: Freeware
minimum requirements: ? Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment
functional limitations:
boox description

boox is a very simple Java-based database API for double-entry book-keeping. Data is stored in a SQL database - boox has been developed and tested with postgresql, but should work with any other SQL database for which a jdbc driver is available.

There are six levels of access applicable to every Clerk/Ledger combination.
Three are write permissions:

- canCreateAccounts;
- canCredit;
- canDebit;

and three are read permissions:

- canBalance; - read ledger balance only - implied by:
- canRead; - read account balances within ledger, implied by:
- canAudit; - read transaction details on accounts within ledger.

The Auditable and AuditElement interfaces have been added.

Using Boox

Drop the two jars (Boox and utils) into your classpath, satisfy the dependencies, and make sure the configuration files are present, correct and readable.


Boox and utils depend on the Apache Commons connection pooling libraries. You will need to get
these from the Apache Commons project; you need to get the current versions of two libraries:

- CommonsPool, which manages the object pooling; and
- CommonsDBCP, which manages connections.

utils wraps these with ConnectionSource to allow the static method call

We also need jdom, to read the xml database configuration files. (This is a hardcore dependency and I'll drop it in the next release. Get it from

Put the jars in your classpath.

Configuration files:

You need two configuration files to go in /etc/platosys .This location is hardcoded in two places: in, and in If you need to change the location, because you don't have appropriate access to /etc/ or you are running Windows, you will need to change the source and recompile.

Otherwise, edit the two sample configuration files (both xml files) and put them in /etc/platosys. It's a good idea to lock down the permissions on these so that they are only readable. .

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Developer comments

This program was originally inspired by TOAD but at that time TOAD was only compatible with Oracle so ...

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