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important software information
company name:
Erik Bostrm
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
Bufonidae description

Bufonidae is a database query tool inspired by TOAD implemented as an Java application. Should work with all databases that supports JDBC.

Developer comments

This program was originally inspired by TOAD but at that time TOAD was only compatible with Oracle so I started writing my own version with just the basic features I liked in TOAD. I started on this project almost 10 years ago and development has been slow. I've only implemented features I have needed at the moment without strategy or specification and this is why the code could be used as an example how you NOT to do things. But the main thing is; it works and I use it every time I need database access and that is why I thought someone else might find it usable.

To get this working you have to have the JDBC drivers for your database in classpath. You can edit with the path to your JDBC drivers. You can also directly run the jar file with java -jar Bufonidae.jar but I haven't found a way to set the classpath to your JDBC drivers that way, but maby I haven't looked hard enough. If your flavor of database doesn't appear in the connection dialog you can edit config/config.xml, it should be pretty self explanatory but some basic knowledge about Java, JDBC and XML may come in handy.

As I've said there I've had no plan while doing this project and it's a work in progress so there might be features that doesn't work how you expect them to or doesn't work at all.. .

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Bufonidae (Popularity: ) : A database query tool inspired by TOAD implemented as an Java application. Should work with all databases that supports JDBC.

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