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important software information
company name:
CitrusDB Team
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: . Works with PHP 4.0 or greater and MySQL 3.23 or greater register_globals must be turned Off in your php.ini
functional limitations:
CitrusDB description

CitrusDB is an open source customer database application that uses PHP and a database back-end (currently MySQL).

This software can keep track of customer information, CRM, services, products, billing, and customer service information. The program will run on any PHP enabled web server.

This software is now in beta. There is still alot of room for tweaking code and making things more streamlined, a whole lot of room. The code of CitrusDB might even be able to be used now for something other than to play around with, but since it's beta I won't recommend using it in production yet. For long time users, please note that the initial login name has changed from "test" to "admin" now!

Here are some key features of "CitrusDB":

??? modular functions to allow new pieces to work along side base functions
??? security and password access to database on a per user level
??? track modifications to customer records made by the database user
??? keep general info, mailing address, billing address, and billing info about each customer
??? able to assign multiple (unlimited?) services or products to a customer record
??? add custom fields for services/product information
??? trouble tickets / individual and department notifications
??? import / export feature to send billing data back and forth to card processing software
??? import from online order data (or online order component)
??? search by specified fields
??? easy to add and modify services/products
??? ability to invoke remote commands to talk to other servers for billing queries, user lookups, etc.
??? bill credit card and invoice for monthly, setup fee, onetime charges, 6 month, yearly, etc. billing cycles
??? ability for different billing types to be assigned to each product or service that one customer has. CitrusDB - The Open Source Customer Care and Billing Software. CitrusDB is a web based customer care and billing software solution (CC&B) that uses PHP and a database backend (MySQL) to keep track of customer information, operational CRM, services, products, billing invoices and credit cards, and support information.

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Citrus Database (Popularity: ) : citrusdb is the open source customer care and billing software that can be used in many service industries, internet service, subscriptions, consulting, and telecommunications. Provides CRM, Ticketing, Invoicing, and Credit Card Batches.

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downloads 72
version 1.3.2
size in Kb 1,280
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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