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license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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Sedna description

Sedna is a free native XML database designed to be a universal system for a wide range of XML applications such as event-based SOA, content management, etc.

Sedna is a full-featured database system that provides a full range of core database services (such as transactional store and recovery) and flexible XML processing via the W3C-standard XQuery language.

· Load XML data "AS IS" with no need to adhere to any predefined schema
· Support for large (hundreds of GBs) databases
· Powerful processing facilities: XQuery, Updates, Full-text search, Integration with SQL databases, etc
· Easy to run and use

These phases are usually concurrent and have strong effects on each others. It's achieved by tight team members collaboration and involving the same members in different phases.

Experience obtained conducting activity of all phases is shared with students by means of team member's taking part in university education activity. University education activity allows us to grow personal who will be able to implement our R&D model; to have a chance to find strong specialists and to offer to them to join our team; to find new interesting ideas in the university community.

MODIS R&D Model is strongly relevant to ISPRAS' vision that is based on mutual influence of three principal activity components that are Research, Development, and Education.. MODIS Department at ISP RAS. Publisher of Sedna, Author of Sedna 3.2.91. Sedna is a free native XML database designed to be a universal system for a wide range of XML applications such as event-based SOA, content management, etc. Sedna is a full-featured database

Activity - System - Personal - Database - Education - Allows - University - Databases - Members - Strong - Processing - Phases - Based - Range - Xquery - Implement - Sedna - Publisher Of Sedna - Author Of Sedna 3 2 91 - Conducting - Obtained
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version 3.2.91
size in Kb 6,482
user rating 5/10
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