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SPT Object Database

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Sans Pareil Technologies, Inc.
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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SPT Object Database description

SPT Object Database is a pure Java Object Database developed around the Prevayler transactional object persistence framework. It attempts to address some of the most glaring deficiencies in Prevayler while making full use of its great features.

Object Database

An object database is a persistent storage engine of objects1 in much the same way that a relational database is a storage engine for raw data. The following are the basic attributes that we feel are required in an object database.

1. Persistent store for objects and object graphs.
1. Persistence by reachability.
2. Transparent handling of references to other persisted objects. Honour references when de-serialising a serialised persissted object.
2. Transactional semantics for object storage and management.
3. Query mechanism to retrieve objects.
4. Handling of indices and constrains declared on the objects being persisted.
5. Managed relationships - both uni-directional and bi-directional relationships between the persistent objects.
6. Fault tolerance.
7. Simple backup and recovery processes.
8. Simple to use without having to write a lot of code.


Prevayler is an open-source transactional object serialisation framework. Implementation of Prevayler are available for other technologies as well. As covered in [1], Prevayler is not a database. On the other hand, it makes users create something akin to an object database. The best part of Prevayler is its high degree of fault tolerance. In numerous tests, Sans Pareil Technologies, Inc. has been unable to cause any data corruption in the data persisted using Prevayler.

Here are some key features of "SPT Object Database":

???? Transparently persist complex object graphs. Prevayler requires the developer to de-couple direct references to other persistent objects due to the inherent nature of Java object serialisation. This is obviously entirely contrary to all Object-Oriented principles and is an unjustifiable requirement for application deve. sptodb: SPT Object Database System (SPTODB). Publisher of SPT Object Database, Author of SPT Object Database 0.3.0. SPT Object Database is a pure Java Object Database developed around the Prevayler transactional object persistence framework. It attempts to address some of the most glaring deficiencies in

Engine - Simple - Database - Object - Graphs - Storage - Features - Relationships - Other - Références - Objects - Persistent - Tolerance - Directional - Spt Object Database - Publisher Of Spt Object Database - Author Of Spt Object Database 0 3 0 - Prevayler - Persisted - Serialisation - Transactional
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