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ThinkUI SQL Client

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ThinkUI SQL Client description

ThinkUI SQL Client project is designed for Java developers who needs to work with multiple databases and would like to a tool with features that will improve their productivity and help reduce the tedious nature of software development.

Here are some key features of "ThinkUI SQL Client":

. Support any Jav*? 1.4 supported platform (tested on Windows??? 2000/XP, Linux???, and Mac OS??? X)
. Support for selected databases using JDBC 2.0 and any database using JDBC 3.0
. Intuitive MDI user interface supporting multiple databases
. Generic data entry of all tables with picklist and zoom to related records support
. Database meta data browser (schemas, tables, views, sequences, indices, constraints, triggers, procedures)
. SQL query (auto generate SQL create, select, insert, update queries from table meta data)
. Graphical user interface for executing stored procedures
. Data model capture and customization (import from specified database into internal database)
. Data import from flat file (Excel, CSV, and Tab delimited files supported)
. Custom code generation (Java Bean, DAO, SQL, EJB, JSP, etc. using Apache Velocity Engine templates and database meta data).. ThinkUI - Bending Time and Space for the Lazy Developer. ThinkUI - Bending Time and Space for the Lazy Developer

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