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Web Interface for SIP Trace

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Web Interface for SIP Trace description

Web Interface for SIP Trace is a PHP Web Interface that permits you to connect on a remote host/port and listen/filter.

Web Interface for SIP Trace was born as a prof concept of the idea to capture SIP traffic from a remote host (SIP Proxy, Gateway, etc) and show up alive SIP messages about an specific dialog (filtered by From SIP user) to help our tech support team to debug SIP transactions in a friendly way.

There are 3 peaces of software in this process, 2 of them was created by us:

1. ngrep: Created by Jordan Ritter -
ngrep strives to provide most of GNU grep's common features, applying them to the network layer. ngrep is a pcap-aware tool that will allow you to specify extended regular or hexadecimal expressions to match against data payloads of packets. It currently recognizes TCP, UDP and ICMP across Ethernet, PPP, SLIP, FDDI, Token Ring and null interfaces, and understands bpf filter logic in the same fashion as more common packet sniffing tools, such as tcpdump and snoop.

2. siptraced: Created by Devel-IT -
siptraced is a perl daemon who reads a ngrep log file and push each line on a TCP port, so every one connected on this port will listen all traffic captured by ngrep (dangerous and perhaps a waste of bandwidth). There is no user/IP authentication yet.

3. WIST: Created by Devel-IT -
WIST is a PHP Web Interface who permits you to connect on a remote host/port and listen/filter a SIP dialog of an specific SIP From number, avoiding to listen all captured traffic pushed by siptraced. The STOP control is done by browser's stop button. The output is colorized and "Call-ID" tag is highlighted to make it simple to be located. You can run WIST on any host running a Web Server with PHP >= 4.0.x and authorized to connect on siptraced remote TCP port.

There is no guarantee about our softwares, use it by your own risk. Read the source code first, if you didn't understand it don't use it!. .

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Web Interface for SIP Trace
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