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company name:
Dave Steele
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
Gnome Gmail description
Gnome Gmail is software which adds support for Gmail to the Linux Gnome Desktop.

Gnome Gmail is an application that allows Gmail to be selected as the default mail application for the desktop.

Unlike other solutions on the net, Gnome Gmail supports "To:", "Subject:", "body", "CC:", and "BCC: fields, and is available in deb and rpm format.


Download the appropriate package for your system, and double-click to install.

Go to System -> Preferences ->Preferred Applications, and select Gmail as the preferred Mail Reader.. Tivo2DVD - Record Tivo straight to DVD using Linux. Publisher of Gnome Gmail, Author of Gnome Gmail 1.3. Gnome Gmail is software which adds support for Gmail to the Linux Gnome Desktop. Gnome Gmail is an application that allows Gmail to be selected as the default mail application for the deskto
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support for Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003 to Evolution.

Evolution provides integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring functionality to users of the GNOME desktop.


The simplest way to compile this package is:

1. `cd' ...

Evolution Mapi (Popularity: ) : Evolution Mapi is a plugin for the powerful Evolution e-mail client.

Here are some key features of "Evolution Mapi":


· Folder List Fetching
· Summary Fetching
· Message Fetch
· Mulitipart mails
· Sending Mails (Plain text + Attachment)
· Message Deletion
· Message Flags Sync

Folder Operations:
· Create
· ...

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It also has a socket interface to provide a ...

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Using your voice modem under LINUX, "vgetty" ...

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· lightweight systray application
· check multiple mailboxes at once
· animated sytray icon displaying unread ...

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GridSQL clusters together independent database nodes and presents them as a ...

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