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company name:
Michele Petrazzo
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · HylaFax
functional limitations:
hylaPEx description

hylaPEx is a client for HylaFAX completely written in Python. It can read and view sent and received faxes.

It supports TIFF and PS/PDF formats. hylaPEx can use redmon to create a virtual fax print. It supports shared contacts with a MySQL database.

Here are some key features of "hylaPEx":

· Program and printer installer (on windows)
· Internal viewer
· Fax concatenate on send-fax. Then you print to virtual "fax-printer", send fax windows appear. You you print another time into "linux-fax", the second fax is concatenate to the first (multi pages fax), and so on.
· Modify the "sending" fax with internal tools, like text and pen
· Administration password
· Fax receive control (a pop up message). You have 1/N new fax
· Fax state send control (a pop up message) "Always, when ok, when no"
· Phone book (local, mysql, odbc) with a wizard for create it
· Right click on grid with all function (resend, update, modify job...)
· Filtered view (by date or by number of fax)
· Save-as. You can save fax as pdf, jpg, etc... . Hylapex, index page

Python - Fax - Opensource - Sourceforge - Hylafax - Sf - Hylapex - Unipex
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