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Oliver Cope
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Python
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Mailtools description
Writing a web application? Want to send some emails from it? Mailtools is an application that can help you with that!

* Simple API for sending plain text messages, HTML and messages with attachments.
* ThreadedMailer sends emails in the background and returns control to your application immediately, even when talking to slow remote servers.
* Temporary sending failures are automatically retried.
* Running your application in test mode? The RedirectMessages wrapper routes emails to a test address and not to live email addresses.


Creating a simple SMTP mailer:

from mailtools import SMTPMailer
mailer = SMTPMailer('')

This mailer will block until messages are sent and won't retry failures. Use ThreadedMailer to fix this:. Pesto — Pesto: a library for WSGI applications.
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