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company name:
Solido Systems
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: The spam filter is a server side daemon which runs on most UNIX platforms with a solid Java 6 runtime. We routinely test it on the following systems:
functional limitations:
Solido Spam Filter description
Solido Spam Filter is a high performance, zero maintenance spam filter.

The solido spam filter delivers accurate spam filtering to your user's inbox with zero maintenance. Let us do the dirty work so that you don't have to waste your time writing spam filter rules or searching through your spam quarantine for lost mail. We watch the trends of the spammers around the clock--always looking for new ways to protect your inbox.

We believe one of the key points in having a great spam filter is the ability to adjust quickly. We have not only designed our spam filter with this in mind but we also have built up our team and development techniques around this key idea. Utilizing statistical models and data mining techniques, we are able to spot trends in the spam threat quickly--giving us a head start in developing techniques for neutralizing new threats. The use of multiple techniques to catch each spam mail allows us to detect and patch holes in our spam filters before the spam makes it to your inbox.

The solido spam filter detects all kinds of spam, not only text based spam. The spam filter combines methods that detect spam content or obfuscation of content in text, images and attachments. Our custom developed image and text fingerprinting technique is highly unaffected by noise and other obfuscation techniques used by spammers.

Very low false-positive rate

We know the price of losing email is high and we put a lot of emphasis on avoiding false positives. Although we take great pride in catching more spam than our competitors, it's even more important to us to keep a low false positive rate - delivering your mail in a fast and reliable manner.

Zero maintenance

The use of hot code swap enables us to update both data and code in a secure way without any interaction or any interruption in the mail flow. Sit back and relax while we guard your inbox against spam.

High performance

Due to live threat analysis we can offer great performance while still utilizing technologies like advanced image analysis and cutting edge statistical text categorization. We also use an optimized custom build spam engine designed and developed to perform well in the spam situation seen today - not some outdated view from the previous century.


· 30 Day Trial. Solido Systems - Home. Publisher of Solido Spam Filter, Author of Solido Spam Filter 4.1 build 103. Solido Spam Filter is a high performance, zero maintenance spam filter. The solido spam filter delivers accurate spam filtering to your user's inbox with zero maintenance. Let us do the
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