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Iamar Inc.
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Iamar Academy description
The courses are all recorded in video format and freely available from our website. The course is divided into 2 parts; the artistic section and the programming section. At the artistic section, we teach our students how to make 3D models using the free program blender. At the programming section, we then take our 3D models and learn to program a game out of it using the iamar browser.

The learning process takes place in a 3D game environment. The student would be inside a game that provides different missions. Each mission would then require the student to learn something about 3D game production.

The course materials are completely free and we welcome high schools from different regions to join and participate. The learning philosophy is based on the book "Chieh On Education". We hope to work together with high schools to add this course into their course selection. It would be a fun way to get kids familiar with computer programming, and 3d graphics.. . Iamar is a free online 3d university, it runs on Windows and Linux.
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