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Captain 'S' - The Remake

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Captain 'S' - The Remake description

Captain 'S' - The Remake is a 2D platform game, with great graphics.

A calm day begins in Seville. Mariano Lopez goes to his job as sausage delivery man. Meanwhile, at Santiponce's interestratospheric devices centre, everybody is getting ready to the first fully spanish rocket launch, designed by famous Dr. Torrebruno, an eminent nuclear physicist who had to leave the project prematurely, due to a strange mental disease.

But nobody expected the rocket to suffer a sudden variation on its path, and falls right on the truck that Mariano Lopez uses to transport a blood sausages cargo.

Mariano, unconscious, lies on the floor besides his sausages and the truck's wreckage, spread all around. Some hours later, he wakes up really hungry, and eats an entire box of the radiated blood sausages.

But... what the hell is happening!? Mariano is becoming different: Every muscle grows, he becomes taller, his ugly face becomes a pretty superhero's, Captain 'S', who discovers that everything was part of the evil Torrebruno's plan, with the true intention of ruling the World, starting by Seville.. Computer Emuzone - Juegos de ordenador y consola | Abandonware y Emuladores. La página de los juegos espaoles, desde la edad de oro hasta la época actual. Hay más de 1300 para descargar con multitud de extras, como caratulas, manuales, reviews, soluciones, entrevistas, reportajes, foros...

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