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company name:
Niko Reunanen
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Python
functional limitations:
Conquer description

Conquer is a simple and basic 2D turn-based strategy game written in Python and PyGame.

Play a premade map, play generated random map or make one with map editor. AI opponents are implemented and you can also play with your friends on the same computer.

Draft soldiers, conquer lands, increase income, update soldiers and be victorious. There is a small manual included that tells how to play the game.

Developer comments

I challenged myself to make a small game. Now I probably don't have too much time to enhance it... The source code is pretty much a mess, kind of unoptimized and comments are partially in English and partially in Finnish. Icing on the cake, my English is not very fluent. Please (e)mail me if you have any fun with Conquer.. .

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