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The Foodforce2 Team
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Foodforce2 description
FoodForce 2 has been designed to educate and motivate people to solve world hunger. Since the laptop reaches out to the developing and third-world countries, it also educates children and teachers in a village on how to acheive self sustenance in a fun and non-intrusive way. Foodforce2 also provides awareness about the work WFP has been doing for the past many decades to abate the problem of world hunger.

FoodForce2 is both a classroom tool, and an outside classroom activity. It is a new kind of an educational solution, an “expanded school” which grows well beyond the walls of the classroom. The game play has been designed in a way to educate the child about certain key learning areas. The key learning areas on which the game focuses are:

1. Strategy: FoodForce2 is a strategy game in which decision-making skills of a player have a high significance in determining the outcome. The Player is suppose to plan and execute a strategy in such a way that he can make an optimum use of the resources available with him, so that the village can become self-sustainable for a long time.
2. Sustainable Development: FoodForce2 teaches player to set limits on the consumption of the present available resources so that they can be used to address future development issues which are critical for sustainable development.
3. Trading: Economic futures of any world community, particularly developing world, is affected by their present trading system. FoodForce2 assist player to integrate into the trade system and multi-lateral trade negotiations. It develops skills for unbiased, rule based and nondiscriminatory trading system.
4. Technology and its use: Technology involves the usage of tools which affects and controls the environment, and the ability to adapt to it. The basic lifestyle in every aspect of our daily lives, the kind of housings, our transport, medical facilities, fashion and entertainment all depend on technology. FoodForce2 demonstrates the effect of using technology in the development of various facilities like hospitals, housing facilities, education and training. It teaches player about the importance of technology for development.
5. Crisis Management: A crisis is a major, unpredictable event that harms human communities and is accompanied by widespread malnutrition, starvation, epidemic and increased mortality. Crisis management consisting of understanding, and coping with any serious situation, especially from the moment it first occurs to the point that recovery procedures start. FoodForce2 teaches crisis management by redesigning the village affected by natural calamities. In the game choices available to players are constrained by economic, social, and physical realities of life in a village. And their actions are highly structured by the practices of urban planning
6. Collaboration: Collaboration is a recursive process where different organizations work together for common goal by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus. FoodForce2 demonstrate that a community is not supposed to be building in a closed environment. Players should be free to interact with the outside environment i.e. the other villages, which are being developed by his peers.

Game Play

The aim of the player is to make a village self-sustenant in terms of nutrition, housing, health, education and training by consistent production and trading of resources with the help of necessary infrastructure. The game currently has a storyboard, which is developed from a viewpoint of an Indian villager, who is the Sarpanch (The administrator of the ruling body, Panchayat, of the village) of a village and his son helps him in the development of the village, who is the next candidate for the position currently held by his father.

There are three major aspects of the game:

Construction of Facilities: Some of the facilities like houses and hospitals are already built at the start of the game. Constructing new facilities such as houses, schools, workshops, farms and wells requires some resources. Once the facilities have been built they start producing appropriate resources and also increase the indicators. Facilities also affect the manpower distribution of the village by providing employment.

Upgrading Facilities: Once a facility has been built it can be upgraded to produce more resources. Upgrading of facilities uses some of the resources of the village, mainly building material and tools. Various upgrades like brick and mortar, functional upgrades and electricity are provided for each facility. Every upgrade costs resources, but an upgraded facility will be more efficient and effective. Upgrading a facility also increases the value of the indicators.

Trading of Resources: The final cornerstone of the play is trading which is crucial to a village's success. For trading, every village is provided with a market, which is visited by traders from neighbouring villages for trade. The price of the resources is determined by market forces. A village cannot effectively grow without a smart trader, timely trades can give your village a leg-up and help it attain prosperity over time.

All the above features of the game play have been illustrated using an interactive storyboard. The storyboard consists of 8 missions. The first 4 missions aim at teaching the player about how to get started. Once the player has got the knowledge of how to maintain the village, then he is made to face the real challenges. The next four missions expect the player to apply the knowledge he gained from the first four missions to real-life scenarios. There are scenarios like occurence of earthquake, through which disaster management skills are imparted to the player.

We also understand/realized this thing that all the topics of Social Concern cannot be integrated into a single story. Thus we are also working on making a storyboard creator tool for the educators/teachers through which the teachers can create their own storyboard and easily import them into the FoodForce2 game and ask their students to play that storyboard on the FoodForce2 platform. This would provide the teachers with tool/platform through which they can address to any of the social issues they want to focus on.. . Publisher of Foodforce2, Author of Foodforce2 1.0. FoodForce 2 has been designed to educate and motivate people to solve world hunger. Since the laptop reaches out to the developing and third-world countries, it also educates children and te
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