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important software information
company name:
Team Reaction
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Quake 2 full or demo version
functional limitations:
Gloom description

Gloom is an atmospheric team play modification for the Quake II game that puts humans against a team of alien spiders. The object of the game is to obliterate the opposing team by killing their troops and destroying their spawn points. Each team has six classes which can be bought with frags earned, as well as two base classes. The depth of Gloom lies in the radical differences between its teams as well as the versatility of the builder classes that have the power to make every game truly unique. The fun of Gloom lies in using teamwork and class advancement to dominate each game.. - your one source for gloom news, files, discussion and links!. - Your one source for everything for the Quake 2 Gloom mod by Team Reaction! Download gloom, catch the latest news and grab all the custom maps you'll need here. Also home to numerous documents such as the server admin guide, client commands, mapping help as well as the lively Gloom discussion forums!

Humans - Quake2 - Aliens - Quake 2 - Marines - Spiders - Quake 2 Gloom - Gloom - Q2gloom - Team Reaction - Onecall - Gloom Servers - Gloom News - Gloom Admin - Gloom Client Commands - Quake 2 Mod - Q2 Mod - Team Based - Gloom Forums
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