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company name:
Yaakov Selkowitz
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
Gnono description
Gnono is a rewrite of the Windows card game WUNO for GNOME. Gnono's objective is to discard all of one's cards before the opponent does.

Cards are discarded by matching the value or color of the top discard or by playing a wild card.


Each player picks a card. The person with the highest value card plays first. (not yet implemented)

Each player is dealt either 7 or 11 cards, depending on the chosen preferences. (not yet implemented) The remainder of the cards are placed face down on the pick-up pile, and the top card of the pick-up pile is turn over onto the discard pile.

Play starts in a clockwise direction. The player, who's turn it is, has to play a card which matches the card on the discard pile. This played card then becomes the new topmost card on the discard pile. The card played must match the card on the discard pile by either function (i.e. number) or colour (pattern). Alternatively, the player can play a wild card.

If the player does not have a card which they can play, they must take a card from the pick-up pile. If they can play the card they have picked up, they may, otherwise they keep it and play moves to the next player.

The same applies if the player does have a card they can play, but chooses not to.


Once a player has played all their cards, the current round is over, and the winning player gets the sum of the points in the oppenents' hands added to their current score. If the player has reached the playout score, they win the game, otherwise play starts again with the next round.

During play, if all the cards have been taken from the pick-up pile, the deck is shuffled and play continues.. . SourceForge presents the Gnono project. Gnono is an open source application. SourceForge provides the world's largest selection of Open Source Software. Gnono is a rewrite for GNOME, under the GPL license, of the Windows card game WUNO. The objective of this classic game is to discard all of one's cards before the opponent does, by matching the value or color of the top discard (or playing a wild card).
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