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Hive Rise

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important software information
company name:
Vulcando Games GmbH
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · At least P4 3.0GHz or a Dual Core CPU
functional limitations:
Hive Rise description
Hive Rise is the high speed realtime strategy (RTS) game for the fast action in between!

Compete for free against thousands of other players and decorate yourself with great trophies!

2023 - Since the wars between enemy nations were dying out at the beginning of the 21. century, someone had to ensure a fresh supply of senseless violence. The solution: Hive Rise! The TV-Show, in which bored millionaires, car tinkers and retired generals can do a live and uncensored arms race.

On a gigantic battleground somewhere in the desert sand opposing camps are neatly lined up. From here the teams are facing each other, using highly specialized mercenaries and the latest military equipment.

Be there when it`s time for everbody against everbody, you against all and all against YOU!

System Requirements:

Hive Rise needs a current Linux with at least kernel 2.6.23 or higher, Xorg 1.4 or higher and GTK 2.12 or higher.

OpenGL hardware acceleration must be activated.

On a 64 Bit Linux (X86_64) you'll need all 32 bit compatibility libraries. Also the OpenGL drivers have to be installed with 32 bit support.

Here are some key features of "Hive Rise":

· High Speed Strategy
· Thousands of Players
· Huge Maps
· Play with your Buddies
· Tactical Depth
· 12 Play Modes
· Cool Upgrades
· Collect Trophies
· Watch Game Replays. . Publisher of Hive Rise, Author of Hive Rise 1.0.3140. Hive Rise is the high speed realtime strategy (RTS) game for the fast action in between! Compete for free against thousands of other players and decorate yourself with great trophies! 2023 -
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Hive Rise
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