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Hunter Sub

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important software information
company name:
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: PalmOS 3.5 or greater
PalmDesktop 4.1
64KB of Free RAM [application already installed]
functional limitations: Handheld device only
Hunter Sub description
Hunter Sub An arcade style of game. One of those games that will help you take your mind of your work for a while. A very good stimulator. A fun game whether at home, office or during travel.

An epic battle between the destroyer who hunts down the submariner. Depth charge them before they can release there torpedoes!


Supports Hard key button control.
Supports navigation key buttons for other devices.
Features a Save Game functionality.
Features a Load Game functionality.
You can start at the beginning or restart the game on the current level anytime you like.
Supports display of the last 9 high scorer of the game.
Supports for Customization on degree of difficulty.
Supports for customize game feature.
A Full featured hard key support.
Support for shortcut keys as additional controls.
Supports game level skipping.
Sound enabled.
Apps Enhanced for PALMOS 5.x support.
Supports colored and non-colored devices.
Supports high resolution devices as well as non-high resolution devices.
Supports PALM Memory Cards: SD/CF memory card, Sony memory stick and other various VFS compatible devices.
Plus free lifetime updates!
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supported os's
Palm OS
    Palm OS 4.0
    Palm OS 5.0
downloads 410
price $9.00
version 2.4
size in Kb 170
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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