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company name:
Martin Bays
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · sdl
functional limitations:
Kuklomenos description
Kuklomenos is an abstract shoot-em-up game.

How to play

Use the cursor keys (or 'hjkl' or 'htns') to aim, and the numbers 1, 2 and 3
to shoot.

The encroaching Blobs will kill you if they hit you.

Evil wants to control the triangles ("Nodes") circling around you, which it
does by sending big blue armoured Blobs in to infest them.

You can control the Nodes yourself - press '4' to send a Capture Pod out to

Whoever is in control of a Node gets bonuses - see the list below for details.

Evil extracts from Nodes it controls, filling the cyan bar in the top right.
If it fills the bar, it will launch a deadly Wave of Mutilation.

Disinfect an infested Node by shooting the Blob before it manages to put up a
shield, or by sending a Capture Pod.

If you manage to keep control of a Node for long enough, it will become primed
for destruction and start to glow. A single hit with a red shot will then
destroy it.

YOUR AIM: to destroy 4 of the 6 Nodes before Evil kills you. Evil will then. .
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