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Lunar Domination

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Valen Games LLC
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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Lunar Domination description
Lunar Domination is a financial strategy game that combines traditional war strategy elements with business and finances. Lunar Domination pits you against a challenging opponent in a fight for the domination of the lunar ore market. Unlike most strategy games that you are probably used to, Lunar Domination has no weapons or violence of any kind. The only weapon that is available to you in this game is your mind.

Lunar Domination is based on the concept of a market economy, and revolves around the competition between you and your opponent. In order to defeat your opponent, you must be the first to fill the ore quotas of two of the three clients in the scenario. Accomplishing this involves buying land, constructing buildings, and of course mining and selling the ore to the clients. Six different buildings with a unique approach to game economy, land management and resource management combine to create a challenging and rewarding experience.

Installation instructions:

If your distribution is LSB compliant, the installer will create a program group and desktop shortcut for you. Otherwise you will have to create a shortcut manually, or run the game from the command line.

To run the game from the command line, you must run the shell script named "launch_lunar_domination" that is located in the game's install directory. Running the executable directly will not work.

Here are some key features of "Lunar Domination":

· Quick introductory tutorial so you can start playing in just ten minutes.
· Turn based gameplay, so you can take your time to weigh your decisions.
· Adjustable difficulty level to make the game challenging, but not too hard.
· Large and small scenarios so you can pick how long you want to play.. Valen Games - Lunar Domination.
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Lunar Domination
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