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Magic Maze

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important software information
company name:
Kent Dahl
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Ruby >= 1.8.6
functional limitations:
Magic Maze description
Magic Maze is a simple and low-tech monster-bashing maze arcade game. It was originally inspired by playing Gauntlet II on the Atari ST.

You take control of an old bearded wizard making his way through complex mazes in search of the exit, searching for coloured keys to coloured doors and vanquishing all the monsters in his path.


Title screen

Space / Return - start playing
Esc / Q - quit game
F4 - load savegame


Arrow keys - movement of the little blue wizard.
Ctrl - cast missile spell (not implemented yet)
Space - cast secondary spell (also "Alt" key)
Z and X - leaf through missile spells in book
A and S - leaf through secondary spells in book
Esc / Q - exit game
F1 - help
F9 / R - restart level
F12 - toggle fullscreen
PageUp/Dn - tune volume
Plus/Minus - tune speed (on numeric keypad). Magic Maze - Ruby/SDL port.
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Magic Maze
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