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MX Simulator

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company name:
Josh Vanderhoof
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
MX Simulator description
MX Simulator is a simulation game that features the ultimate in motocross gaming physics. Unlike most other MX games, you actually lean into turns and throttle, clutch and shift like on a real bike. Real life actions such as wheelies, endoes, whips, swaps, slides and high-sides happen naturally from the physics of the game in real time, without the use of canned motion capture effects. This game actually feels like riding.

Here are some key features of "MX Simulator":

· Complete motorcycle physics model. Steering, suspension, clutch, transmission and power curve work just like a real bike.
· 8 different bikes based on real life dyno, gear ratio and weight information.
· Intelligent computer riders. The computer riders in this game do not cheat. They obey the same physical rules and use the same exact bike as the player does.
· Physically modeled engine noise for both 2 smokes and thumpers.
· 12 event points series with novice, amateur and expert classes. Realistic tracks including Budds Creek and RedBud replicas.
· Flexible race format. Motos can be time or lap based.
· Up to 40 riders. Run a full gate if your computer is fast enough! (A 2 GHz CPU will handle 10 riders smoothly, a 1 GHz CPU will handle 3.). .
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MX Simulator
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