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Rose Ninja

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company name:
Hank Mclaughlin
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
Rose Ninja description
Rose Ninja is a platformer game written in Python and PyGame.

Rose the Red Ninja was walking out in the grassy fields near her home in Japan, when a Blue Ninja appeared!

He laughed, and told Rose that she was on Lord Skygem's lawn, and that he wanted her off of it... At all costs!

Rose must fight her way through the Blue Ninja forces and finally defeat Lord Skygem, so that she can bring glory to her master, Lord Crimson!

Level One: Not much to say about it, mostly trying to get the hang of making levels. Came out okay, thought, so I kept it.

Level Two: Big vertical climb with enemies above. Also, lots of enemies at the end.

Level Three: You are immediately dropped in front of a large group of enemies, and must escape. Or fight them, if you're brave/crazy

And Then...: You have won the game! Bonzai!


· Python
· pygame. .
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Developer comments

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