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Vacuum Magic description
Vacuum Magic is a fast-paced action/arcade game. The point of the game is using your magical vacuum field to collect food and defend against monsters. Food and certain monsters can also be spat out and used as a projectile against other monsters.

Vacuum Magic can be played by up to six players, either cooperatively, or against each other.

Here are some key features of \"Vacuum Magic\":

· On regular levels, you have to collect all the food (little brown balls) to continue to the next level.
· Red monsters and food are poisonous, avoid them.
· If you press your fire button while you\'re collecting a monster or food, you spit it out.
· You can destroy enemies by spitting out food and using it as a projectile.
· Some monsters, particularly those with a hard shell, can also be used as projectiles.
· If you destroy a poisonous monster with a projectile, you get double score.
· If you destroy a poisonous monster with a poisonous projectile, you get quadruple score, and a super food pellet.
· Super food pellets give you a sphere of protection.
· Super food pellets can also be used as projectiles, and they have quite an explosive effect.
· On boss levels, kill the boss monster(s) to continue.
· Some boss monsters are only vulnerable to projectiles. Super food pellets do double damage.. .
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