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company name:
Kestas J. K.
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
webDiplomacy description

webDiplomacy (previously phpDiplomacy) is an open source, multiplayer, web based strategy game based on the board game by Avalon Hill, in which you have to try and conquer Europe.

To win you have to be strategic and diplomatic, making deals and alliances with other players, and stabbing them in the back when it suits you best.

Register a user account to play or post messages. If you would like some help please read the help, or register and post a message in the public forum below.. . webDiplomacy is an online, multiplayer, turn-based strategy game that lets you play Diplomacy online.

Diplomacy - Diplomacy Game - Online Diplomacy - Classic Diplomacy - Web Diplomacy - Diplomacy Board Game - Play Diplomacy - Php Diplomacy
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webDiplomacy (Popularity: ) : Diplomacy is a popular turn based strategy game in which you battle to control Europe; to win you must be diplomatic and strategic. webDiplomacy lets you play Diplomacy online.Rules of webDiplomacy:- In diplomacy no army or fleet is stronger than ...

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