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AgileWiki Element Model

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Bill la Forge
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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AgileWiki Element Model description
AgileWiki Element Model is a simplified framework supporting fine-grained aggregation of aspects, inversion of control, and Rolonic programming.

AgileWiki is a Java-based wiki that provides a virtual wiki for each registered user, complete with access control.

The backend includes a built-in database (which uses flat files) and communicates via RMI to either a Servlet (packaged as a WAR file) or to a Swing client. AgileWiki is also both an application platform and a knowledge management system.

The goal is to build an extensible wiki application server based on Rolonics, which is a theory of knowledge developed by Norman Kashdan. Ths work has been on-going for about 6 years now, and open source for the last two.

Prior versions were implemented in Python, the switch to Java being driven by a need for a faster database. (A custom OODBMS has already been developed in Java. It supports 50K/sec inserts and handles nested transactions at the rate of 500/sec.)

At present, Swing, text and Servlet clients have been implemented, with all communication with the application server via XML over RMI. Both the Swing client and web access support a Wiki and a Rolonic interface.

AgileWiki supports virtual wikis, each user having their own space, full access control and the ability to delegate access through the definition of user groups.

This project self-hosts its own documentation, includes support for installing and deploying application code, offers some agility for managing content and provides transactional support for table updates as well.

The next phase of the project is to work on classifiers (half a dozen different kinds) which are used to customize the namespace for each Rolon (node). The deep knowledge structures supported by the AgileWiki database make use of late binding, with the namespace of each Rolon used to resolve references to other nodes.. AgileWiki Community - Building Web 3.0. Extending the web to include home-based servers and semantics are 2 of the themes of Web3.0. To this we should also add information fusion.
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