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company name:
Sascha Hunold and Ralf Hoffmann
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Plotmeister description

Plotmeister project is the swiss army knife for data exploration.

Plotmeister contains of backend tools to transform your ASCII data into a Plotmeister compliant data format.

In GUI frontend enables the user to explore the data set interactively. Variables from the source data set can be changed on the fly by adjusting sliders in the GUI. The plot will be updated on the fly.


1. Unpack the plotmeister archive

tar xvzf plotmeister-VERSION.tar.gz

2. Update environmental settings


3. If you want to use the backend tools you need to set PATH and PERL5LIB. I recommend to include the Perl backend tools and the Palo tools to your PATH variable.

For Perl backend tools:

export PATH=$PATH:PATH_TO_PLOTMEISTER/plotmeister-VERSION/backend/pmeister
export PERL5LIB=$PERL5LIB:PATH_TO_PLOTMEISTER/plotmeister-VERSION/backend/pmeister

For Palo tools:

export PATH=$PATH:PATH_TO_PLOTMEISTER/plotmeister-VERSION/backend/palo

4. Start plotmeister

simply execute

$> . Your description goes here

Your - Keywords - Here - Goes
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