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company name:
Andreas Kloeckner
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Synoptic description

Synoptic is a "GMail for your notes" project. It gives you an efficient and friendly interface that makes it possible to keep and categorize a large number of small-ish notes and tidbits of information.

Here are some key features of "Synoptic":

· Fully versioned. Never deletes anything, ever. If you want to go back to a previous version of something, just drag that slider up there in the top-left corner.
· Super-simple Navigation. Adaptive tag clouds, support for the forward/back button on your browser, query links, support for browser bookmarks. All to make sure you can find that note when you need it.
· Powerful searching. Synoptic is meant to keep large note collections manageable and accessible. You can search for items based on tags, their creation time, or even search through their full text. Plus arbitrary logical combinations of them, using the logical operatos and, or, and not.
· Easy Markup. Synoptic uses Markdown to allow you to type formatted notes easily and quickly. Plus, there are a few extensions to facilitate typing math.
· Advanced Features. A lot of refinement work has gone into making Synoptic work as seamlessly as possible. You may never notice many of these refinements, because they're meant to make stuff work like it's supposed to.. . Publisher of Synoptic, Author of Synoptic 0.91.8. Synoptic is a GMail for your notes project. It gives you an efficient and friendly interface that makes it possible to keep and categorize a large number of small-ish notes and tidbits of in

Search - Notes - Browser - Support - Large - Logical - Based - Using - Through - Accessible - Manageable - Markup - Combinations - There - Possible - Their - Markdown - Meant - Synoptic - Publisher Of Synoptic - Author Of Synoptic 0 91 8 - Operatos
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version 0.91.8
size in Kb 184
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