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Watsup description

Watsup is a system and process monitor for CPU, memory, page faults, disk IO, network IO.

Low overhead. GUI controls. Formatted report in window. Sample interval down to 0.1 secs. Choose font size. System resources: CPU (1-4), memory (free/used/cache), page faults (hard/soft), disk IO, network IO. Process resources: same + execution file name.

Here are some key features of "Watsup":

· overhead is about 1/3 as much
· sample interval as low as 0.1 seconds is supported
· overall system and top process resources are shown on one page
· disk I/O, network I/O, and page fault rates can be monitored
· font can be made small (for display in a corner) or large (whole screen)
· the top N processes are displayed with minimal jumping around between samples. Linux Software - overview - kornelix. kornelix linux software dkop fotox ukop picpuz

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