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company name:
Ludovic Dubost
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
XWiki description

XWiki 1.9 / 2.0 Milestone 1

XWiki project is an open source wiki written in Java and under a LGPL license.

A wiki is a website that allows you to collaborate with others. XWiki offers all the features that you can find in a typical wiki. In addition, XWiki is a second generation wiki (a.k.a an application wiki), ideally suited for developing collaborative web applications.

Here are some key features of "XWiki":

· Page edition
· Use simple wiki syntax to format text, create tables, create links, display images, etc. Alternatively use a powerful WYSIWYG editor to edit document's content. Document Lifecycle Document Lifecycle
· Edit, Show, Print and Delete documents.
· Version Control Version Control
· Any change made in XWiki is saved under version control, meaning you can view any previous version of a page, compare different versions or rollback to any past version. Attachments Attachments
· Attach as many files as you want to any page. These files can then be referenced and used in page contents.
· Rights Management Rights Management
· Control who can view, edit or delete documents in a flexible manner. Apply rights to a document, a space or an entire wiki. Full-text Search Full-text Search
· Find easily any data or meta-data associated with a document.
· Spaces Spaces
· Organize your documents by grouping them together by domain. Plugins Plugins
· Use or develop Java plugins to extend XWiki features.
· Programming Programming
· Use XWiki's programming API directly into your pages (Velocity or Groovy) to perform advanced formatting, layout or anything really. Skins Skins
· Completely customize document templates, add menus, modify CSS files. You're in complete control of your look & feel.. XWiki - Open Source Wiki and Content-Oriented Application Platform (Main.WebHome) - XWiki for sharing information

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xwiki-doc-tree (Popularity: ) : Another xwiki document tree implementation. There are provided as samples two velocity files: one is a JavaScript approach (offers the posibility in expanding / collapsing a tree node) and the second a standard velocity approach.

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downloads 20
version 1.9.3 / 2.0
size in Kb 79,350
user rating 5/10
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