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company name:
Inivis Limited
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: · gtk+
functional limitations:
AC3D description

AC3D project is a drawing software for anything in 3D.

AC3D can draw:
- games
- virtual reality and flight simulation
- scientific, medical and general data visualisation
- rapid prototypes of 3D designs
- high resolution 3D renderings

Here are some key features of "AC3D":

· Simple, intuitive 'click and drag' user interface
· Truetype font 2D and 3D text generator
· Integrated graphical texture coordinate editor
· Subdivision surface modeling
· Boolean operations
· Fast real-time OpenGL graphics views (2D and 3D)
· Multipoint polygon and line editing down to vertex level
· No polygon limits
· Extrusion and surface revolution
· Software development kit and plugin interface.
· Fast and memory efficient, compact program binary.
· Built-in fast OpenGL 3D renderer with adjustable field-of-view - instantly see results of your actions in 3D. Spin the model or switch into 'walk mode' for Quake-style control.
· Edit at different granularity - groups, objects, surfaces, vertices
· Full polygon editing. e.g create a sphere and easily move the points (vertices) to deform the shape.
· Create and edit multi-point polygons and lines - not just triangles.
· Manipulate individual surfaces
· insert/remove vertices
· make holes
· spike
· spline
· bevel
· triangulate
· flip
· subdivide
· Texture mapping support with real-time rendering.
Texture/background image file formats supported:
· TGA (Targa)
· Graphical Texture Coordinate Editor (UV Mapper)
· Assemble surfaces into new objects
· 4 views - 3 orthographic and one 3D. All at once or individually.
· Named objects can be searched for within a scene
· Navigate/Zoom around the 2d views with cursor keys and other single key presses
· Hierarchical view window
· Hide/unhide objects for easier/faster editing of complicated scenes
· Headlight and up to 7 other positionable lights
· 24-bit colour palette with adjustable diffuse; ambient; emissive; specular; shininess and transparency
· Adjustable 2D and 3D grid guide lines with grid-snap function
· Create new surfaces/objects around any selection (Convex hull)
· Configurable to use external renderers such as Povray and BMRT - just select Tools->Render to start.
· Multi platform program - AC3D file format compatible across platformsAttach URLs to objects for use in VRML files
· Attach string data to objects to be used as scripting in Dive or special directives for POV or renderman
· Supports many output/input formats including
· 3D-studio 3DS
· Lightwave
· Alias triangle
· VRML1 and 2 and Inventor
· Povray
· Renderman RIB
· Triangles
· Direct X
· Milkshape
· Quake 3 bsp
· MD2
· Wavefront OBJ
· stl (ascii)
· sof (airfoil)
· T3D
· LDRAW .ldr (Lego)
· Extrude and revolve 2D lines to make 3D shapes.
· scale a selection to a specific size
· flip a selection (mirror) about X, Y or Z axis
· Remove duplicate vertices and surfaces ('optimize')
· Simple documented file formats allow easy conversion from other forms of data - ideal for visualizing your own data in 3D.. . AC3D - 3D Design Software - View, Edit and Design great 3D graphics with ease

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