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company name:
Wu Zhe
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: Python
functional limitations:
Imgserve description
Imgserve is a Python image processing server designed to provide image processing service, currently supporting only image rescaling, and svg rasterization. It can utilize modern multicore CPU to achieve higher throughput and possibly better performance.

User applications send requests in JSON format over HTTP to a running imgserve, which downloads source image from URL specified in the request object, performs the requested operation on the source image, uploads the result image to the specified destination.

* Using a multi-process architecture
* Communication with user applications using JSON object over HTTP
* Image processing operations currently supported: rescaling, svg rasterization
* Image downloading with FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS and local FILE
* Image uploading with HTTP POST, HTTP PUT (not implemented yet), FTP and local FILE



* Python >= 2.5, (in Debian, sudo aptitude install python)
* Multiprocessing, (Only if python version }

is returned, otherwise either

{'msg': 'request parse error'}

is returned if the request sent is not a valid JSON object or

{'msg', 'request invalid', 'code': < error code >}

is returned if the request is JSON syntax correct, but some other things go wrong.

After the reply JSON object is returned, imgserve would start the real image processing work and uploads the result image to dstURL, silently overwriting the placeholder file previously uploaded.. wuzhe's Profile - GitHub.
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