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Pete Shinners
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
pygame description

Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing games. It is written on top of the excellent SDL library.

This allows you to create fully featured games and multimedia programs in the python language.

Pygame is highly portable and runs on nearly every platform and operating system.

In the pygame examples there is a simple example named, "chimp". This example simulates a punchable monkey moving around a small screen with promises of riches and reward.

The example itself is very simple, and a bit thin on errorchecking code.

This example program demonstrates many of pygame's abilities, like creating a graphics window, loading images and sound files, rendering TTF text, and basic event and mouse handling.. News pygame - python game development.

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PixelPaint (Popularity: ) : PixelPaint is a paint application written in Python 2.5, PyGame, sys, and easygui.

Developer comments

Right now I am distributing the Python code, but later, when I have the final version done, I will make an exe.. . Google's official developer site. ...

pidgin-sipe (Popularity: ) : pidgin-sipe offers a SIP/Simple protocol implementation for connect to LCS/OCS.

Pidgin (before called Gaim) is a multiprotocol instant messenger for Linux (and other plataforms). SIP is another popular protocol used for VoIP, and it also has an IM (Instant Messenger) analog ...

pam (Popularity: ) : PAM interface using ctypes

pam is a Python interface to the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) library on Linux, written in pure Python (using ctypes).


· Python. .

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Similar scripts
UIX -Pygame GUI (Popularity: ) : This script represents a user interface made for Pygame.It has many features to make games, databases and other comercial software. It is fast, responsive and customizable (themes are just bitmaps, so you can change shape/color by editing). It has ADODB connection (for windows).
Access Cairo surface from numpy and pygame (Popularity: ) : This script aliases the memory from a cairo surface so that you can manipulate the bits as a numpy array, or display/manipulate the image in pygame.
Access Cairo surface from numpy and pyga (Popularity: ) : This script aliases the memory from a cairo surface so that you can manipulate the bits as a numpy array, or display/manipulate the image in pygame.
OcempGUI (Popularity: ) : OcempGUI is a small toolkit, which comes with various modules suitable for event management, user interfaces, 2D drawing and accessibility. OcempGUI enables developers to enhance their python and/or pygame applications and games easily with graphical UI elements such as buttons, ...
Cuisine (Popularity: ) : The Cuisine system is a flexible software system to work with and edit video and audio.It has a few new XML file formats, some Python libraries, some C Python extensions, and a bunch of tools of varying sizes.Cuisine starts with ...
Phil's pyGame Utilities (Popularity: ) : includes several pygame scripts and pygame libraries. the scripts are a tile editor and a level editor. the libraries include a state engine, a full featured gui, html rendering, document layout, text rendering, sprite and tile engine, and a timer.
Pygame-Console (Popularity: ) : pygame-console provides a console similar to the one found in games such as Quake 3, which can be imbedded in any pygame application. It has 2 modes, the first is a custom interpreter with a simple sytax. This mode allows ...
PuPU - Puffi's Pygame Utility (Popularity: ) : PuPU is a (very) small "framework" for programming games using the Python language. It uses Pygame for most tasks and PyOpenGL for rendering. Its aimed mainly for new programmers who want to try out graphics/game programming.
Imgv (Popularity: ) : Imgv application allows you to manage images.It includes GUI, file browser, slideshows, zooming, on the the-fly Exif viewing, histograms, fullscreen support, wallpaper setting, the ability to view 4 images on the screen at once, adjustable thumbnail sizes, playlists, view and ...
Loading an Image (Popularity: ) : This Python/Pygame script demonstrates how to load and display an image file.

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