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Stephen F. White
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · The usage of a 3D hardwareaccelated graphicscard with OpenGL driver support will speedup things
functional limitations:
white_dune description
white_dune 0.28pl14 / 0.29 Beta 1327

White_dune is a low level VRML97 tool for Unix/Linux/MacOSX and M$Windows.

white_dune can read VRML97 files, display and let the user change the scenegraph/fields.

Unlike most highlevel tools, it uses a light model based on the VRML97 standard.

White_dune is not complete yet, especially in the 3D preview window. But even if you do not see the node/field in 3D, you can graphically change the values.

White_dune is a simple NURBS/SuperFormula 3D Modeller, but it do not have tools to change polygon meshes (VRML IndexedFaceSet nodes) that can be taken seriously (yet).

IndexedFaceSet nodes can be created via conversion from NurbsSurface nodes oder SuperFormula PROTOs or by "pure VRML97" export, but for some tasks you may prefer to work with a polygon mesh 3D modeller with VRML97 export and rework the results (e.g. color, texture, lightning, animation, interaction....) in white_dune.. IHR Uni Stuttgart:Home. Website des Instituts fuer Hoechstleistungsrechnen
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