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XnView MP Portable

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company name:
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · RUNZ Framework
functional limitations:
XnView MP Portable description

XnView MP Portable for Linux can run with the help of the RUNZ framework. Just install RUNZ from the link below and you will be able to run your favorite applications with just a double-click!. XnView Software - Free graphic and photo viewer, converter, organizer. Free software to view and convert graphics and photo files, Picture viewer, Image viewer, Picture converter, Image converter, Digital camera software, Supports more than 600 graphics formats, and runs on many platforms.

Photo Editor - Graphic - Free - Freeware - Exif - Picture Viewer - Image Viewer - Metadata - Iptc - Digital Camera - Multimedia Software - Slide Show Software - Jpeg Viewer - Photo Viewer - Xnview - Graphics Viewer - Jpg Viewer - Picture Viewer Software - Photo Viewer Software - Software Viewer - Windows Picture Viewer
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XnView MP Portable
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