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company name:
Massimo Zaniboni
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Apache
functional limitations:
Asterisell description
Asterisell project is a Web based application for viewing, rating, and billing Asterisk VoIP calls.

Usage Scenario:

- you are a vendor of Voice over IP Telephony services (VoIP)
- your customers call other users who can reside on different telephone networks
- your customers pay you for this service
in order to route the calls on particular networks you have to use the services of other vendors
- you are a customer of others vendors
- you pays others vendors for this service

So Asterisell views you (the VoIP service provider) as a reseller of others vendors services. It permits to associate for every call a cost and an income. The cost is what the customer pays to the service provider and the cost is what the service provider pays to other vendors in order to route the call.

Here are some key features of "Asterisell":

Customer features:

· report of calls with aggregate totals
· many filter-criteria
· different sort-criteria
· export to CSV and MS Excel document
· many VoIP accounts associated with the same customer

Administrator features:

· input fields are secure from intrusion attempts
· each customer could have a cost limit for the last 30 days
· informal currency conversion table for the test of cost limits
· administrator is advised via email if a customer pass its cost limit
· different cultures for each VoIP account or Customer
· prices and messages are displayed in the specified culture
· customers can be grouped into different price list categories
· different rate methods applicable to different time periods, customer categories, destination gateway channels, destination telephone network etc..
· customizable rate methods adding PHP Class respecting a specific interface
· generation of customer invoices
· delivery of emails with invoice details to customers
· support bulk generation of invoices and emails to all customers with associated incomes
· support for multi-currency invoices (not yet tested)
· problems during rate process are reported and signaled via email to the administrator

General features:

· multi-culture and locales support (it_IT, en_US, ecc..)
· multi-currency support (not yet tested). .
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