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Cluster Tabs for Firefox

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Xyberhome Inc.
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Cluster Tabs for Firefox description
Cluster Tabs for Firefox is a Firefox extension to end tab overload, make your browser faster and share public & anonymous cluster tab web addresses with others.

Share more on the web

Every cluster tab you create or edit has a pubic & anonymous Cluster URL ( automatically published on the web, which means it's simple to share your cluster tabs with friends and for others to find interesting clusters of sites you've made!

Decrease memory, increase speed

Tabs held within a cluster tab stop using memory which means your browser will perform better with less tabs open.

Close tab, keep history

Tabs within a cluster tab retain history which means that you can carry on from where you left off. Close any tab and it will return to the cluster tab it came from.

No registration & public & anonymous

No sign up, simply install and go. Cluster tabs for Firefox and are anonymous, public and free. Authored for Xyberhome by Glaxstar a leading professional Firefox add-on agency (, eBay, Digg, Yahoo, Google, Mozilla Jetpack).

Spin copies of clusters

When you add or remove tabs from a cluster tab, a copy is made automatically and a new public and anonymous clusterURL is spun out into the web!

Accidental genius

As you cluster tabs into topics you are interested in you naturally create high contextual relevance between the things you cluster together. Your a genius and you didn’t know it!

Your browsing history remains private

?History of tabs inside public cluster URLs is stored in your browser only. No one sees anyone else's history. Other people’s browsers adds their own history as they start to use tabs within cluster tabs.

Get Clustering!

So there you have it. Browse faster, reduce tab overload, effortlessly cluster relevant things, and give your poor browser a break!. . Publisher of Cluster Tabs for Firefox, Author of Cluster Tabs for Firefox 1.0.3. Cluster Tabs for Firefox is a Firefox extension to end tab overload, make your browser faster and share public & anonymous cluster tab web addresses with others. Share more on the web Every
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Cluster Tabs for Firefox
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