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Dust-Me Selectors

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important software information
company name:
James Edwards
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Dust-Me Selectors description

Dust-Me Selectors is a Firefox add-on that finds unused CSS selectors.

It extracts all the selectors from all the stylesheets on the page you're viewing, then analyzes that page to see which of those selectors are not used. The data is then stored so that when testing subsequent pages, selectors can be crossed off the list as they're encountered.

You can test pages individually, or spider an entire site, and you'll end up with a profile of which selectors are not used anywhere.

Core Support

* Supports local and remote stylesheets included using elements, processing instructions, and @import statements. (Note: rules inside blocks that are not @import statements, and inline style attributes, are not included.)
* Supports stylesheets inside IE Conditional Comments.
* Check a single page, or an entire site.
* Understands all CSS1 selectors, and most CSS2 and CSS3 selectors (courtesy of Dean Edwards' wonderful base2).. SitePoint : New Articles, Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers. - With a vast variety of web design tutorials and articles coupled with a vibrant and well informed community, SitePoint the natural place to go to grow your online business

Accessibility - Ruby On Rails - Css Positioning - Xhtml Standards - Ajax Development - Tableless Design - Freelance Web Design - Php Mysql Tutorial - Page Tutorial - Teaching Dotnet - Standards Compliant
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Dust-Me Selectors
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